for love
or money 2015

Consumer research study taking the pulse on Australian loyalty programs and their impact on customer loyalty.

  • 70 page insight-packed report
  • Tracks the pulse of change to benchmark results from 2014 and 2013 research studies
  • Reveals new insights that impact on brand loyalty and loyalty program success
  • For the first time, reviews 28 Australian loyalty programs

What’s different in this report that will make a difference to your brand or business?

1. Tracking the pulse of change to benchmark results

  • Volume of memberships
  • How active members are (huge change)
  • Benefits members want
  • Card vs mobile app

And more...

2. Revealing new insights that impact on brand loyalty and loyalty program success

  • Do members think brands need a loyalty program to keep their customers loyal?
  • Do members purchase items that they do not need because of a loyalty program?
  • Do members want benefits for interacting with the brand through the program such as for answering surveys, opening emails and others?

And more!

3. Reviewing 28 Australian loyalty programs

For the first time in our research studies, we provided members with a list of 28 randomly selected Australian loyalty programs to give members the opportunity to identify:

  • Which programs they were a member of;
  • How active they are in these programs ; and
  • Their view on whether it is a poor or excellent program!

What is The Loyalty Point?

Created by Directivity, with research independently conducted by First Point Research and Consulting, The Loyalty Point provides brands with the latest insights to improve their customer loyalty and retention programs and strategies.

Whether you are developing a new loyalty program or want to breathe life into an existing one, you will find insights for your program to become even more successful.

  • Adam Posner CEO, Directivity

  • Established in 2007, Directivity provides customer loyalty strategies and programs for organisations operating in sectors as diverse as accommodation, leisure and entertainment, trade, education, manufacturing and retail.

    Adam Posner (CEO and founder) is one of Australia’s leading loyalty program strategists and has been a data-driven direct marketer for 23 years.

    He started his loyalty life in the mid ’90’s with a shopping centre loyalty program initiative called “Scratch & Save”.

    Since then he has been involved in a range of loyalty and retention programs from large retail programs such as the new flybuys program re-launched in 2012 as well as developing financial ‘Return on Loyalty’ models for pharmacy, entertainment and large accommodation networks.

    Adam is also the author of one of Australia’s only practical book on loyalty programs – ‘Give-back to Get-back -9 steps to a profitable loyalty program'’ and is a frequent speaker on customer loyalty and retention.

What marketers are saying about the loyalty resources

  • Phil Hawkins

    Phil Hawkins - Head of Loyalty Operations, Coles

    “The research studies from Directivity and Citrus on Australians’ attitudes to loyalty programs are comprehensive and valuable, and this most recent study is an excellent piece of work, adding depth and greater insight.”

  • Peter Zafiris

    Peter Zafiris, Manager Sales and Marketing 
BlueScope Australia and New Zealand | Distribution Division

    From a B2B loyalty perspective, the 'Share the Love' report provided me with deeper insights into the drivers and motivations of loyalty program members. I will use these insights to connect back to how loyalty is formed in a business to business framework. Specifically, understanding the reasons for defection from a program and the impact this will have on the brand, has given me the opportunity to ensure the success of our loyalty program. Well done Adam Posner and Pete Noble - you have truly shared the love with this report.

  • Meagan Reay

    Meagan Reay, Group Marketing Manager - Bakers Delight

    It’s a great piece, and there are some terrific insights, especially relevant to those already in the loyalty game and wanting to extract maximum value from their program.

  • Dave Prior

    Dave Prior - Founder, Five:am organic yoghurt

    Share the Love really lifts the lid on what motivates members to be closer to the program they are a member of. There are some actionable insights for marketers to enhance the connection to their customers which translates into more revenue for their business. This is a valuable report for any marketer who wants more loyal customers.

  • Leah Grinter

    Leah Grinter, Director of Marketing - Thirsty Camel

    Share the Love provides an insightful view into Australian consumer’s perceptions on loyalty programs. As Marketing Director of Thirsty Camel’s Hump Club loyalty program I found the information broken down by demographic (age and gender) particularly interesting, proving that a ‘one-size fits all’ model is ineffective in today’s environment. ‘Share the Love’ is a must-read for anyone running, or considering developing, a loyalty program for their business. I certainly have a few pages of notes and actions to follow up on for our program after reading it.

  • Phil Hawkins

    Phil Hawkins - Head of Loyalty Operations, Coles

    Congratulations on your 2014 study; it’s a great piece of work, with plenty of food for thought.

  • Angela Heck - General Manager, Card Marketing Services, Pinpoint

    Share the Love provides deep insights into how and why Australians use loyalty programs. This is an invaluable piece of current local research for anyone taking a close look at loyalty in Australia.

  • Alistair Wright - Wright Engagement

    Share the Love is a hugely valuable study, shedding light on some key vital statistics of loyalty marketing in Australia. Both client organisations and their advisers are likely to find this research challenges the ‘received wisdom’ of studies conducted overseas.

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